What is Engage?

Engage is Points of Light’s platform for volunteers looking for ways to help in their communities to find opportunities and organizations that need their time, talents and passion. Nonprofits can register their organizations, curate a profile of their volunteer programs and needs, and keep their volunteer events and ongoing opportunities up to date through the platform’s posting app.

What happened to All For Good?

Engage builds upon the technology and partnerships established through All For Good. The volunteer opportunity aggregation services of All For Good now power the catalog at Engage, with updates to the design, search and filtering features. AllForGood.org will remain available to existing users through November 30, 2020, but newly registered organizations seeking to post volunteer opportunities will be directed to the new platform.

Does the All For Good Search API still exist?

Yes! We continue to work to make the catalog of volunteer opportunities accessible across the web so our partners can issue a volunteer call-to-action and help their audiences discover meaningful ways to engage with causes they care about.

We can also help embed a curated volunteer search experience on your website with our search API. If you need additional technical support, we can also provide your organization with a full-service hosted, curated and brand-aligned website experience at a URL of your choosing through our new white label offering. Get in touch with us for more information.

How do I register my organization?

Currently, only registered 501c3 nonprofit organizations can sign up to have an organization profile and post volunteer needs and opportunities. Soon, public and private schools, and public school districts, will also be able to use the tools available. If you are a staff member or volunteer organizer for a nonprofit, click here to sign up for by searching for your organization. If you have trouble with this process or can’t find your organization in our directory, please contact customer care.

Why don’t I need a password for this site? Is my account information secure?

Points of Light is using a modern approach to manage users on the platform in which we remove as many barriers as possible to using the platform, including the need to create, remember and protect a password. Instead, at the time of registration and each time you return to use the site, we will send you a time-limited, secure “magic link” to the email you have provided us to authenticate your account and log you in. Your account is as secure as your email inbox—even more so, since each magic link will expire within 15 minutes of being sent.

What are this app’s terms of service and privacy policy?

This platform conforms to Points of Light’s overall Privacy Policy and terms of use for all of the organization’s websites. You can find the privacy policy here.

What is the future of All For Good and Engage?

We are excited to release an updated design and many of the same basic features of All For Good for organizations, their organizers and volunteers looking for meaningful opportunities. We are even more excited to continue to enhance this platform in service of our strategic goal of erasing the sidelines to take action. We are focused on helping our nonprofit partners on Engage with their discoverability and engagement with new volunteers and supporters, helping people explore and get involved in the most high-impact and personally-fulfilling actions for social good in their local communities. We hope you come back frequently to see what’s new. In the meantime, you can sign up for updates here.